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Flying Fish by ReneCampbellArt
Flying Fish
Drawing of a flying fish/humming bird hybrid that I whipped up last night (with modifications to the anatomy of course).  Spruced it up a little bit by putting my huge array of Photoshop texture brushes to good use by adding a simple background.

Quite fond of this quick little Hummingbird/Flying Fish guy :) Will add into my Society6 shop the coming days, as I think it would be a good addition to shirts and tote bags.

Back to thesis writing!

Copic markers, black and white pen on A3 paper | Background done in Photoshop | App. 1 hour

Realistic Aggron Concept by ReneCampbellArt
Realistic Aggron Concept

As some of you know, I've been working on my Realistic Pokémon Series, where I draw my favourite three Pokémon per-type with a more realistic approach in regards to design and anatomy. It has taken some time, but I certainly have not neglected the series in any way.

Aggron will be my third favourite Steel Type before I move on. One night I was struggling up with concepts so I drew this in my sketch book to figure out how the head works. I based it on a variety of Ceratopsians and am excited to do the full digital render in the coming weeks.

Thought I would share and as usual, and will scrap this later. Drawn with black ballpoint pen.

Carcinus maenas by ReneCampbellArt
Carcinus maenas

Carcinus maenas

The European shore crab. Drawn for the methods component of my Honours thesis. 
I don't ever use stippling techniques. It is very time consuming but the results are effective!

Black felt tip pen on A3 | App. 5 hours | Drawn from a collected specimen

Realistic Pokemon: Gothita by ReneCampbellArt
Realistic Pokemon: Gothita

Crying because I got assigned to draw Gothita in the ‘r/pokemon draws Pokémon’ event on Reddit. 

I HATE the Gothita line, and I’m generally more fond of the final evolutions in each line rather than the first or ‘baby’ evolutions. So I wasn’t happy when I Googled number 574 haha. I was going to avoid drawing it realistically simply because I dislike the design that much and couldn’t really think of a feasible way around it without making it super creepy. But then I saw it as a challenge and here’s the early interpretation for it so far, being based on owls (because humans looked horribly creepy). 

Gothita apparently stares at ‘ghosts’ so much it doesn’t feel any attacks. Wanted to accentuate the creepy eyes (but the white around the eyes almost made me cringe, so I made them more owl-like). I also think feathers were a decent solution to the ‘gothic lolita clothing and hair’ that this line has, while bird forelimbs work pretty well given their lack of digits. And small beaks for their really odd ‘lips.’

I’d imagine as Gothita evolves they’d get slightly more humanoid-bird like. I even sketched realistic concepts for Gothorita and Gothitelle just to see if I could make this concept work for each design.

So yeah, here's a creepy, owl/bird, Furby thing. 

Realistic Pokemon: Scizor by ReneCampbellArt
Realistic Pokemon: Scizor

Goodness gracious, Scizor was difficult to crack and I spent a LOT longer on this than I would have liked. But I think I got there in the end, especially when you compare it to my concept sketch I did about a year ago.

Design process

As usual, I try to justify the design behind my realistic intepretations, so people can understand why I label them 'realistic' or avoid the whole 'grotesque etc etc' comments. Essentially, I reference and splice the anatomy of real-life animals and try to make them plausible in realistic circumstances, and working my way back from the original Pokémon artwork.

Scizor isn't an easy design to work with. It's inherently a flying ant/wasp crossed with what almost appears to be a robot human thing. Now, a red flying ant/wasp may be real, but it's not Scizor. It's a red flying ant/wasp. And although a humanoid Scizor could exist, given my approach with Scyther and my previous concept, I figured to take a different approach.

First, I edited the posture. Scizor has a slight lean to it, and would tend to lean forward when running, and lean back when fighting. Again, I think the perfectly straight postures or theropod postures on Scizor didn't suit it too well. Scizor also has an obviously insectoid-look to it (although in my Universe, they are vertebrates) so I needed to incorporate that somehow. I looked at the aliens (Prawns) from District 9 as my first inspiration to tackle the bipdel-insect approach.

The head was initially inspired from a mix of hornets and lizards (I just disovered Scizor do in fact have mouths haha) and the thorax, wings and abdomen are obviously based on the Hymenoptera (ants, bees and wasps). The arms are mantid based again, with the claws obviously deriving from decapod crustaceans (crabs, lobsters and the likes). The legs were tough. A plantigrade Scizor again doesn't sit well with me, so I made it digitigrade. I did have an issue previously where the legs were far too stocky and Scizor looked much too heavy. And the carapace is obviously referenced from insects/crustaceans, but didn't want to make it too shiny or reflective.

After a lot of revisions to the design and to the pose, I think I got there. It has invertebrate aspects, and some slight humanoid/reptilian aspects as well, which helps with the transition from Scyther too :)

Anyway, thanks for viewing and I hope you like it, whether you are creeped out or whether you agree with my interpretation or not.

You can find my other realistic Pokémon sketches and interpretations here. Will start Aggron eventually to finish my favourite Steel types. At this rate I'll be old and wrinkly by the time this series is done haha!

Photoshop CS5 + Wacom Cintiq 24HD | App. 15 hours (lots of fucking around with the pose though)

(C) René Campbell 2015 



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The art of René Campbell, a 21 year-old female currently residing in a little city in South Australia called Adelaide. I study Marine Biology by day, work as a bartender by night, and draw everywhere and anywhere in-between!


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Amazing work! OMG 
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can you do a realistic mega lucario or mewtwo?
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I am doing realistic Lucario but that's it sorry!
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Your work is amazing! 
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Wow, you do simply amazing pieces of art! I am amazed by the Realistic Pokemon folder! Keep it up. :) 
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I love all your Pokemon art! :D Theyre really cool! It'd also be cool to see what Eevee and the other evolutions would be xD :) Shinx too :3
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